Check Out Our New Mobile App!

Drive Right mobile app

The new mobile app for Drive Right Academy

We’re excited to announce our new Drive Right Academy mobile app for iPhone and Android users, along with a mobile-optimized website for Drive Right. You’ll see the new optimized version of our website whenever you open it up on your phone or tablet.

To get our mobile app, you’ll just have to download it from the app store, iTunes for iPhone users and Google Play for Android users (We have instructions below if you need help.). But here’s what you’ll get in the app:

  • Coupon if you sign up through the app
  • All of our programs, with descriptions and pricing
  • List of class schedules & requirements
  • Sign-up form, which you can send right through the app
  • A driver logbook to track your driving hours
  • Photo gallery
  • Push notes (messages from us) sent straight to your phone
  • FAQs, Facebook page, an inquiry form and driver forum


Download Instructions

If you’ve never downloaded an app before, it’s super easy and there are a few different ways to do it:

  1. You can search the following terms on your app store on your phone: drive right academy, drive right, driving lessons colorado springs, driving classes colorado springs
  2. You can use the following links to pull them up on your computer and download them to your phone: iPhone & Android
  3. You can scan the below QR codes using a QR code scanner on your phone. If you don’t have a scanner, just go to your app store and search on “QR code scanner” and download one that has good reviews. Then scan the appropriate code below and it will automatically pull the Drive Right app up on your phone.
For iPhones

Scan this QR code if you’re an iPhone user

For Android phones

Scan this code if you’re an Android user

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  1. Jassica says:

    Nice app I have been using this very smart and creative app, I learned much from this.

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