Our 40-Hour Teen Program is located at:

Pikes Peak Community College
Centennial Campus
5675 S. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Our Approach to Success

Our Driver’s Education Program philosophy is simple. What makes a successful driver? When they can demonstrate a skill. We don’t tell your teen what to do or what not to do behind the wheel, we teach the skills necessary to make him or her a successful driver.

Ask yourself “How much is my child worth? Don’t I want to do everything I can to keep him or her as safe as possible?” Starting with a quality, skills based Driver’s Education Program from Drive-Right Academy will ease your mind and keep your child safe in the most dangerous place of all: behind the wheel.

Drive-Right Academy is locally owned and has been teaching teens and adults the skills necessary to become successful and legal drivers for 11 years.

I was told recently by an adult Driver’s Education student, amazed at how much even a seasoned driver can learn from our Program: “Before I took the [Drive-Right] course, no one ever took the time to teach me the techniques! If I had found myself in a skid what would I have done? I found out that something as simple as where I place my hands on the wheel will guarantee that I avoid accidents!”

Did you learn to drive from your parents? From your High school shop teacher in a four hour Saturday driving class with two other students in the back seat? You learned to stop at a stop sign, you learned to use your turn signal before you make a turn, but chances are you didn’t learn the skills you need to avoid accidents. You learned to drive like your parents who probably learned from their parents.

Why do we do what we do they way we do it? To save lives. Pure and simple. Teaching your child proper hand placement on the wheel, how to avoid accidents, how to recover from a skid, learning these skills saves lives.

Why is a course from Drive-Right Academy so successful? We teach your student driver the skills in the classroom before they even get in the car. They’ll know successful driving techniques before they get behind the wheel. Other Driver’s Education Programs put your child behind the wheel the second you drop them off. They are never taught the skills they need to become good drivers. They learn enough to pass their driving test, but have no idea what to do to avoid a collision, to recover from a skid.

  • We teach the skills. We ease your mind.
  • We create successful, safe, educated drivers.

Drive-Right Academy is Your Road to Successful Driver’s Education.

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