Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How Do You Compare to Other Programs?

A: We not only offer the benefit of the skills-based Driving Lab, but we also invest a lot of effort to ensure that the classroom portion is an interactive dialogue between the instructor and students.

Rather than reading straight through a textbook, we employ a variety of learning techniques. And if you’ve checked around, you know other programs in town charge more – sometimes double – what we charge, often for less training. Drive-Right Academy definitely offers the most intensive training for your money.

Q: What exactly is the Skills-Based Driving Lab?

A: It is an invaluable learning clinic for your teen to develop the fundamental skills needed before the On-the Road Lessons. Held in a parking lot in a highly controlled environment, instructors work individually with each student on the following exercises:

  • Slalom Course
  • Threshold Braking
  • Braking While Turning
  • Pull-Push Steering
  • Emergency Lane Changes
  • Successful Backing
  • Parallel parking
  • Arm-Lock Steering
  • Aim High Vision

The Student is to provide their own car for the Driving Lab. (Drive-Right Academy will provide a dual-control vehicle for the Road Lessons. Click here for details on our vehicles.)

Q: Are Your Instructors Experienced?

A: Yes. Currently we have three instructors with a combined 25 years of driving education experience.

Q: Do You Offer “Skid Pad” Training?

A: ALL of our students, regardless of the program they choose, get “Skid Recovery” training.

Q: Where Are Classes Held?

A: For the 40-Hour Teen Program classes are held at PPCC. For the other programs we offer pick-up and drop-off service.

The address to the Centennial Campus:

Pikes Peak Community College, Centennial Campus
5675 S. Academy Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Q: Does Your Program Qualify for Insurance Discounts?

A: Yes. The discounts vary among insurance companies, so you should check with your provider. Upon completion of the course, we issue a certificate for submission to your insurance company.

Q: What type of vehicles do you use?

A: The 2015 Mini Cooper and the 2013 Fiat 500 (manual). They’re really cool!